Help for clinicians using Odstock FES devices

This page provides information for clinicians who are using the ODFS, O2CHS, MS2 or O4CHS in their clinical practice. Always remember that that the device instruction manuals provide all the information that you need to get going with the devices. Also see the Newsletter section for further information. If you need more help, please contact us at: or phone 01722 429065.

Referral criteria and treatment protocol Patient selection and procedure

ODFS setup flow diagrams How to set up the ODFS set out in two logical flow diagrams.

Using the ODFS as part of Physiotherapy Treatment Sessions Tips on how the ODFS can be used as part of physiotherapy treatment sessions

Upper limb electrical stimulation exercises. Using the MS2V2 and O4CHS for treatments of the upper limb in stroke and spinal cord injury.

The New Odstock 2 Channel Stimulator O2CHS II a discription of teh O2CHSII and its use in gait assistance.

Electrode and skin care

Electrical stimulation and epilepsy

Autonomic Effects of electrical stimulation

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