Useful Links To Other Web-Sites

Odstock Medical Our commercial website

FES organisations

FESNet The UK based network for all who are interested in FES

IFESS International FES Society. Organizers of the annual conference. Useful section on Consumer Education which gives a lot of background information on clinical applications

FES Centres

UCL Medical Physics UCL implanted devises group. The LARSI project
Cleveland FES Centre USA based FES information resource plus Newsletter.
Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia. FES in Slovenia
Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction University of Aalborg, Denmark. Research into FES controlled by sensory nerve feedback. See also Neurodan, below under "Commercial"
Topics In Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Abstracts from the recent edition on FES.
Swiss FES Group FES in Zurich
Roessingh Research and Development FES in The Netherlands. Our partners in the IMPULSE and TUBA projects.
ETB Specialist on micro systems and partners in the IMPULSE, TUBA and Healthy AIMS projects.

Rancho Los Amigos Research and Educational Institute. Publishers of "Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation - a Practical Guide".
FES cycling FES cycling for paraplegics at Glasgow University
International Conference on Tetraplegic Useful abstracts on Tendon Transfer techniques and FES to improve tetra hand function.
CMAT FES in Belgium. FES Courses in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg

FES Research in Romania Control of standing in paraplegia Dr. MARIAN POBORONIUC

FES Rowing FES assisted rowing for paraplegics


Surrey University Home Page Biomedical Engineering MSc
University of Bournemouth - Design, Engineering and Computing Our academic partners in Bournemouth.
Centre for Biomedical Electronics FES at the University of Limerick, Eire.
SyMoN Sensory and motor group at Birmingham University
Southampton University Biomedical Engineering at The University of Southampton
SOHP School of Health Professions and Rehabilitation Sciences at The University of Southampton
WE MOVE Information about neurological disorders Information on healthcare resources in the UK

Charity and interest group

MS Trust The MS Trust is a leading independent UK charity for people with multiple sclerosis
MS Society The MS Society is the UK's largest charity for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - about 85,000 people in the UK.
Undisabled A website about FES and MS
The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre Support information and advice on MS
Action Research The charity supporting some of our research.
Different Strokes Organization for younger stroke survivors
The Stroke Association A leading charity for stroke.
Backup Sport and activities for people with spinal cord injuries.
Glaxo Neurological Centre Non-medical advice and information for people with neurological conditions and their carers A charity supporting and promoting the development of assistive aids. Useful links to other sites doing R&D and providing services.
Spinal Injuries Association The SIA is a leading support and pressure group for people with spinal cord injury. A good source of information
National Stroke Association, USA States based stroke support group
The National Rehabilitation Centre for the paralysed A private institution providing treatment for the paralysed
Jooly's Joint MS chat room, support group etc.
The EQUAL Research Network A UK-wide EPSRC funded Network for Extending Quality Life of Older People and Disabled People
BODYSNATCHERS Salisbury based MS suport group. They meet socially in pubs or cafes every month to chat and swap information. Also run an exercise class.
FSP Group Informationa and suport for people with Familial Spastic Paraplegia
Society to Increase Mobility (STIM) An interest group promoting and educating people about FES and similar technology


{short description of image}BAPO -British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO)
{short description of image} Salisbury Health Care Information about Salisbury District Hospital
Medical Engineering Specialized seating and one off aids.
The SPASM Project An EU funded project to survey and methods of measuring spasticity and produce recommendations
IPEM Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine
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