A mutual support group for users of Salisbury Stimulators.

A way to exchange ideas and experiences

At the moment the clinicians and technicians in Salisbury offer support to patients and clinicians by various means such as telephone, email and letter. There is little if any contact between the users to exchange ideas beyond various local groups and societies. We hold an annual User Day but attendance is targeted at clinicians rather than patients. After consultation with our Trusts PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) we have set up a web based forum called Odstock_stim.

Before you can use Odstock_stim you have to join the group. You can either do everything by email so that messages came and go from your present email account or you can join Yahoo which will let you log in to the groups web page and see and send messages that way. The other advantage of joining Yahoo is that you can store and retrieve files, pictures and links from the Odstock_stim web page.

Your email will be hidden from the group members but visible to the owners. . Please note that anything else you put in your email will be available to anyone looking at the groups web page as well as other group members. We in Salisbury are the owners and we will keep an eye on the group to answer specific questions (but remember that everyone will see these questions!). For personal questions then contact your clinician directly. We will also police the group to prevent any contentious or malicious emails circulating. Repeat offenders will be barred.

From our point of view we want to see the spread of good ideas and correction of problems. We will use the data arising from discussion to inform decisions about designing the products and services. We may also use the membership to conduct surveys and gather feedback on ideas we have. Other than this the group will go the way that the members decide.

Here are some links: First one will let you submit your email address to join

The second one will want you to register with Yahoo or use an existing Yahoo username

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